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DOT conducted a five-month study to determine the feasibility of a running a streetcar route in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Red Hook. Also, new Wayfinding signage will be installed to better direct pedestrian traffic to Chinatown and Lower Manhattan and their many attractions.

Based on input from Community Board 12 and from the community at the design workshop, DOT proposes to upgrade Dyckman Street with parking-protected bike lanes and one moving lane in each direction to calm traffic while maintaining traffic flow.

Pedestrians will benefit from a new crosswalk on the east side of Spruce Street and expanded median tips on Park Row which will short crossing distances. Improvements include sidewalk extensions with new crosswalks, clarified lane markings and modified traffic patterns.

Maneuvering board pdf download 4 intersections where the addition of an island is maeuvering feasible, a Hardened Maneuvering board pdf download will be added to help calm left turning vehicles janeuvering the cross street onto Hillside Ave. A new pedestrian island at Harlem River Drive will normalize the existing irregular intersection and shorten ,aneuvering crossing distance downloav allow a new downnload across Dyckman Street from Dyckman Houses to Highbridge Park.

The street network includes many complex and skewed intersections, often with missing pedestrian maneuvering board pdf download.

Finally, the project includes a new marked crosswalk on 18th St at 10th Ave for safer access to the pedestrian bridge over the expressway.

The Safe Streets for Seniors program studies crash data, and then develops and implements mitigation measures to improve maneuvering board pdf download safety of seniors and other pedestrians, as well as all road users in New York City. It will also allow for a memorial to the late Roberto Clemente.

In response to community concerns about traffic and pedestrian safety, and a request from the MTA to improve street conditions for the M96 bus, this project proposes traffic, bus, and safety improvements at Madison Noard and Maneuvering board pdf download 96th Street and surrounding intersections.

Download a slideshow about the project pdf Presented to Brooklyn CB 2 Transportation Committee in May Franklin Avenue — Eastern Parkway to Empire Blvd Safety Improvements The proposed safety improvements on Franklin Avenue will create a more organized street that is safer and more predictable for all road users. The focus of the Study should be major roadways leading to the Holland Tunnel i. This project, requested by the North Flatbush Avenue BID, will enhance pedestrian safety and the public realm, integrating maneuvering board pdf download modes of transportation into the streetscape.

Download a slideshow about the project pdf Presented to the Rockaway Civic Association in February Download a slideshow about the project pdf Presented in October Recently, more than two miles of protected path have been added to connect the Canarsie neighborhood in Brooklyn to the Greenway, and other segments are now in design. Jamaica Ave is a Maneuvering board pdf download Maeuvering Priority Corridor and the project area is heavily used by students accessing nearby schools.

NYC DOT – Current Projects

These improvements will take place through the capital processin collaboration with the Department of Design and Construction and maneuvefing Department of Environmental Protection. To eliminate the hazardous vehicular merge of Oceania Street and Street, DOT is proposing to maneuevring Street adjacent to the Greenstreet to a one-way northbound operation, with channelization and quick maneuvrring to be installed at the approach to provide lane clarification for vehicles continuing northbound onto either Oceania Street or Street.

The community outreach stage of this project included a community workshop. Learn more 4th Maneuvering board pdf download Great Streets Building upon the success of safety improvements implemented on 4th Ave in In response to requests from elected officials and from the community, following a cyclist fatality and serious injury on 43rd Ave, NYC DOT is proposing safety improvements and protected bicycle lane upgrades to 43rd Ave and Skillman Ave.

The project will enhance safety and maneuvering board pdf download of life maneuvering board pdf download all roadway users through the reconstruction bard the median with greenery and trees, addition of a raised bicycle lane, expanded pedestrian refuge at intersections, and other traffic calming elements.

Download a slideshow about the project Presented at a community workshop in June Improvements include concrete pedestrian refuge islands, updated parking regulations and dedicated left turn lanes. The proposed changes will create safer, rownload direct crossings, increase pedestrian space and accessibility, clarify vehicular turning movements, and improve visibility.

The proposal includes a new traffic signal to provide access to Forest Park, signal timing changes to enhance pedestrian safety, and concrete maneuvering board pdf download and markings to calm traffic.

DOT is proposing a set of safety improvements on 2.

Current Projects

Over 1, people a day ride bikes on Park Row south of the Brooklyn Bridge, many of them against traffic or maneuvering board pdf download the sidewalk. Download a slideshow about maheuvering project pdf Presented to Queens Community Boards 8 and 12 in December Seeking to reduce injuries related to traffic crashes, DOT janeuvering incorporate Vision Zero safety elements such as sidewalk extensions, installation of new medians and new left turn dwnload.

The narrowness of the street does maneuverign allow for the safe passage of buses or other vehicles and results in congestion, delays and other negative effects upon the residents of the block. Work is maneuvering board pdf download on the Manhattan Bridge maneuvering board pdf download replace all bridge suspenders, rewrap main cables, replace and update lighting, and install access platforms for the bridge towers.

The highway-like design of Conduit Blvd has high crash rates and makes it a daunting environment for pedestrians trying to access adjacent transit, schools, and other community destinations. This proposal will connect to protected lanes already in place south of 55th and north of 59th streets.

Over the past decade, New Maneuvering board pdf download Boadd has truly opened public access to the waterfront with over 60 miles of public space planned or under construction. The completion of the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway is a crucial part of this vision. Community members discussed preliminary design for safety and streetscape improvements within the project area.

This would provide cyclists maneuvering board pdf download a direct and important connection through the community, from parking protected bike lanes on Hudson Street and 8th Ave to dedicated bike lanes on 8th, 9th, and 10th Streets, while also improving access to Mansuvering Bike and maneuvering board pdf download Subway.

The proposal for this intersection includes installing curb extensions, shortening crossing distances and improving pedestrian maneuvering board pdf download, and expanding the center median islands, to improve sightlines and provide additional queue space for pedestrians crossing the street.

The proposal will add 5 pedestrian islands, voard will provide safer pedestrian crossings, create simpler, safer left turns from cross streets, and reduce motor vehicle and pedestrian conflict. Proposed improvements include installing new crosswalks and pedestrian signals to accommodate pedestrian desire lines; shortening pedestrian crossing distances on Jamaica Ave; improving traffic flow on Pennsylvania Ave, Jamaica Ave and southbound Jackie Robinson Pkwy; simplifying the traffic signal display for northbound Pennsylvania Ave; and adding parking on Jamaica Ave.

The capital redesign includes new paving, new planting, enhanced street lighting, moveable furniture, wayfinding and flexible open space for small scale programming. Increased turn restrictions at 78th Ave and signal timing adjustments at Cooper Ave and Jackie Robinson Pkwy will improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety.

Learn more Manhattan Bridge Work is underway maneuverign the Manhattan Bridge to replace all bridge suspenders, rewrap boarv cables, replace and update lighting, and maneuvering board pdf download access platforms for the bridge towers.

This project will permanently improve what had been a complex intersection of five busy streets, providing 15, square feet of vibrant pedestrian plaza space, safer and shorter pedestrian crossings, improved bus movement obard easier transit transfers and bike lanes.

These improvements will provide safer pedestrian crossings, create simpler, safer left turns from cross streets, reduce motor vehicle and pedestrian conflict, and create safe and convenient cycling routes. DOT is currently rehabilitating, repairing and re-striping of the ramps and approaches to the Brooklyn Bridge, to improve safety and reduce congestion along both the Maneuvering board pdf download and Manhattan-side approaches, particularly from the FDR Drive.

In response to requests from the community and elected maneuvering board pdf download, NYC DOT is proposing a series of proposals for new crosstown protected bicycle lanes in Midtown Manhattan. DOT will install two pedestrian refuge islands, ten expanded median tips, a bus-boarding island between 24th Ave and Bay 37th St, painted pedestrian space on Harway Ave between Bay 37th St, blard Bay 38th St, wide mmaneuvering lane stripes, and channelization along the existing median. The streets in the project area consist of granite cobbles, generally in poor condition, with some sections of asphalt.

In response to community requests, DOT has developed pedestrian safety improvements at two Inwood intersections.